Power Generators: Is Size an Issue?

Gasoline powered portable generator at home.

Generators are basically the lifeblood of significant outdoor projects ranging from construction to social events and more. And when purchasing one, the first question usually is, does size really mater? Most certainly yes, and the most vital point to consider here is the high inrush currents required to start electric motors and transformers, which is typically equivalent to the full load current multiplied by six. For more details about the right generator size to choose, click here:http://www.impcorporation.com/en-us/inventory.

But keep in mind that high efficiency motors these days may call for inrush currents that are nearly double such amount. This led to motor and transformer starting kVA requirements becoming a measure for sizing a generator. This method often means generators are being sized too large for the motor running load, instead of being based on the application’s actual needs. On top of that, it ignores other important elements that should be considered, such as harmonics coming from variable frequency drives. With a poorly sized generator, starting motors or transformers can also produce big voltage and frequency dips.

And if there are loads connected to the generator output that are extremely sensitive, a new set of challenges could ensue. Fortunately, many generators nowadays can be equipped with solutions that neutralize the excess excitation systems needed in the alternator.

There are usually two options: permanent magnet and auxiliary winding. Both give the generator thrice their basic current to handle inrush peaks coming from the electrical motor, for a minimum period of ten seconds, through an excess excitation current. In some cases, you have more advanced options to choose from – for instance, digital automatic voltage intended for high inrush currents, which lets operators lower the generator requirement so that the power’s transient behavior could be more effectively managed.

A “Close Before Excitation” system is another option that deactivates the breaker the moment the engine starts. This means the excitation can go up gradually side by side with the engine, producing a soft start of loads attached to the generator. This is highly advantageous for magnetizing step up transformers when the installation calls for minimum voltage. As a result, there’s no more need to spend on a bigger generator for the sake of managing the initial electrical surge when starting. And with smart generator voltage control, fuel consumption and maintenance costs can be reduced, while lifetimes are increased.

For transportation, it’s wise to check if units can be towed or loaded on a truck and to see if there are features like forklift slots and lifting eyes. If you plan to get more than one generator, see to it that you can stack them on top of each other so you have minimal footprint and access issues. These things can have an impact on your total operation expenditure and efforts to drive down carbon costs. Choose to buy your power generators of any size from the Industrial Motor Power Corporation and get the best guarantee on quality.

For more information, click here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diesel_generator.

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